The Social Media Landscape: How losing After Ellen is a tragedy

Over 14 years After Ellen is having its site being unplugged. With the changes of this happening we lose the voice of the LGBTQ community that has been a stapleton to those who fear of speaking out of being part of the community or being yourself in this world and community.

    I, as a supporter of this community. I have learned more about myself and that everyone here are lovely people and individuals of personalities.

   I learned what “shipping” was through After Ellen because the fandoms posted a lot of their favorite shows through social media. I learned a lot through After Ellen’s articles and many shows I never existed. I thank this site for one of the many reasons why my interest to the television world to return to fandom.
    These wonderful and influential ladies have been a stapleton to learning how fandom has grown to many generations and diversifications in the world. They speak their mind and the truth of honesty when no one was open to speak out for the voices of the LGBTQ community in social media. I’ve spent years of watching this community being shunned. 

   So now that we are losing After Ellen we lose a voice, we lose amazing editors, chiefs and contributors to empower ladies mostly but a whole community who fear criticism in a society of heterosexuality. 

   It’s tragic. I had a honor to meet some of the contributors. They are passionate individuals of the arts and entertainment industry that don’t have a speech. This proves that the Landscape is taking a change that isn’t positive and stopping slowly the LGBTQ community from one part of the medium. However, this won’t be the end.
    This will be a fight of acceptance to be battled more and won’t end. 

    Thank you AE. After Ellen for your dedication of 14 years. You will never be ever forgotten.


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