The Social Media Landscape Writing Series: How Social Media Saved Me

Most people say that social media has destroyed them professionally and partially emotionally. However, social media has saved me numerous times. It has given me a voice to the world and society. 

 I have been the secret person that isn’t too popular in the mainstream world, but known through the fandom world and the arts community for over a decade. I feel like I have left a lasting impression with random strangers who have supported me from a far. They’ve told me to be me. It has been a real challenge to not be personal. 

    I feel that I have impressed people from a far; as well as, locally. I feel that I get motivated by the fandom society and they get motivated by what I have said. 

    I feel I have been entrusted and respected by a lot of fandom and artistic community. I feel that every time I helped one or more people in the fandom world or have interconnections with those connected. I know I did something right by just speaking to them and by my presence. I know that I have done things right in the world and society to impress not just others but myself.

  Social media made me human, motivated and strong. I believe that I am capable of doing things in this world that help those who feel they don’t have a place in society and the world. To trust me and believe that things are possible in the world, because people helped me to learn how to put up a fight and believe in me, even if I stopped at times believing myself.

  I know that I am part of things stronger than myself and those who have continuous faith and support in me, have kept the faith in me to shared potential. 

  This world is bigger than you and me. There is a bond where fandom personalities, artists and entertainers can be the helping secret hands when those who closest to you criticize you by what you post can scare you into a shell. You lose faith and trust by not confiding by those who are supposed to share your difficulties and truths in but sometimes a society of those who get your struggle with out the criticism. This is why the stories get shared through mediums like this because it is our stories. 

Not theirs, ours. I am exhausted of apologizing for being human. The struggle to not trying to fit in by fitting in is our struggle we have to reflect in this world of trolls, non-believers and critiziers may knock me down, constantly. But I refuse to be knocked down and held down. I plan to fight through no matter what.

I have seen that the creative world is now forced to be underground again with all the changes enforced by being corrected! 

   I, SJRepsU will always be here for those people whom need a voice, a believer and a individual who understands your fears and complications you may post. You believe in me constantly and I believe in your rights of the freedom of your speeches through social media. 

  This medium has constantly saved me to keep the fight, cares and rights of those who struggle to find their way in life. I want you to know you have a voice through me – anytime. 


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