The Social Media Landscaping Writing Series: How I Survived The Changes of The Social World. 

After a decade for writing for many radio stations locally and internationally. I found a voice to spread my poetry in different ways and situations of where my creative mind would take me. It was both clean and at times really in depth of sexual and sexual manners. 

   This changed my life dramatically from my young age to write like someone older. It was kept under wraps but that didn’t matter to those who supported it. They let me get away with it. Writing maturily showed my maturity of my soul being old in a young body.

  It intreguiged a lot of people and individuals in radio and many websites. My writing also intrguiged me to write in many books and poetry over the years . 

   This has always impressed and peaked many people in many social media formats. Whether they liked it online or admitted to me in person. I am proud to leave a impression with many people in different methods of social media over the years. 

  People have been keeping me afloat to be my background


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