TV Shows Series Review: 4 In The Morning

Me at the Patrician Grill last year visiting and I plan to return their soon! 

I have recently just tuned in to love a show I just happen to watch every Friday for half an hour at 9pm EST called 4 In The Morning. The first time I watched this show on CBC, I instantly loved it. Ever since I haven’t been able to stop watching it.

   It may not have a lot of viewers but to me that doesn’t matter. I think the actors are brilliant in my opinion. 

The plot is based on following four young individuals in Toronto of their lives stories and relationships they have with one another. The story plot is set throughout Toronto and the stapleton dinner the Patrician Good Food Grill in and around 4 In the Morning. 

   I really enjoy watching the whole cast Lola Tash, Michelle Mylett, Daniel Maslany and Mazin Elsadig because play characters that are edgy, and refreshing to see on TV. I really love how these characters have a sense of humor and dramatic sensibility of how to live. 

  The over dramatic of Boudrant is interesting. I love his artistic skills of his speech and his talk with his hands approach to life. Mitzi, Jamie and William are also give that edge of how they live life and the love relationships they have. The edgy feel of this show I enjoy a lot, I can relate to the characters of how life can be messed up and complicated, they don’t hold anything back their feelings.

  I am giving this show 8/10. 


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