Shows that aren’t on TV: They’re webseries (Kinda TV Edition) – Warning SPOILER ALERT

Here is something that you may want to pay attention to because someone of you may be watching them already or not, but you should. All based on my opinion.

KINDA TV (Formerly Verve Girl TV)/Smokebomb Entertainment/Shaftesbury


Based on the Joseph Sheridan Le Fanu predates Bram Stroker’s Dracula. This webseries is currently in its third and last season. Being released in three acts this year, you might want to binge watch this, well because it has missing girls, sororities, evil presences, an annoying journalist, vampires, a floor don and a biology major,  posession, a library amongst other amazing great story lines. 

Written by Jordan Hall, brilliantly adapted, excutively produced by Stephanie Ouankie, and U by Kotex. Directed by Spencer Maybee. This is brilliantly made and there are also wonderful creators; as well as,behind this show.

Well besides that they are all played by strong females and on top of that, did I mention feminism and oh yeah lesbianism. Does that get your attention. Enough talking just watch: 

Carmilla | Season 1:

Carmilla | Season 2:”

Camilla Season 3 Act 1

Plus extra

Carmilla Christmas Special


Inhuman Condition

Written by RJ Lackie. Directed by Jared P, Stephanie Ouankie. Executively Produced by Stephanie Ouankie.

Starring Torri Higgison, Cara Gee, Clara Pasieka, Thomas Olajide. Featuring Murray Urquhart, Robin Dunne, Shaun Benson.

This story is based on supernatural kids who get therapied by Dr. Michelle Kessler and are forced to admit their feelings and faults. Their is drama evolves into other story lines of their powers and progressions of who they are individually.

It gets emotional, raw and powerful of all the characters involved.

Just watch all 34 Episodes- (Click this title  below to directly go to the video link): Inhuman Condition Episodes 

Additional Content:

Written by RJ Lackie, Sarah Shelton and team. Directed by Shannon Litt and team…

Starring Gwenlyn Cumyn as Dorothy Castlemore, Linnea Currie-Roberts as Connie Bonacieux, Alejandra Simmons as Alex Silleg, Angie Lopez as Ariana Henries, Claire Gagnon-King as Portia Vallon, Dan Mousseau as Miller Winters, Denise Yuen as Jeane Treville and Damien Doepping as Owen Rochefort.

Adapted by The Three Musketeers book we see this story changes of friendship that is tested by school life and relationships with each other; as well as, councils and interesting other forces who try to test the four main characters Dorothy, Connie, Alex and Ariana. 

To watch these episodes click on the links below:   31 Episodes Playlist of All For One

Hangouts for the series: Hangouts

Behind the scenes material: Production Vlogs

V Morgan Is Dead 

At the age of 28, V aka Violet dies suddenly and unexpectedly by one of her daily routine in life. She slipped and then finds herself waking up back in a reversal role of how she died. She had no idea that she passed away and is returned. She finds herself in a place called the Sixth Floor where she meets her maker Andrew. The complication of her new duties she has to follow her obligations to survive the dead and the living. These series were 20 Episodes long. Worth watching for its comedy, drama, mystery and at times intrigue and suspense. One of the webseries to pay attention to if you like watching a few minutes of it, it leaves you wanting more. The cast of V Morgan Is Deadincludes Tara Joshi, Conrad Coates, Andy McQueen (Riftworld Chronicles), Jenny Raven (The Girlfriend Experience), Ian Blackwood (Remedy), Jocelin Haas (Heroes: Reborn), Andrew Chapman (Murdoch Mysteries), Ron Lea (The Strain), Farah Merani (Dirty Singles), Ehran Kassam (Degrassi: The Next Generation), Abigail Winter (Between), Sam Coyle (Off2Kali Comedy), Rhea Akler (The Strain), Ayesha Mansur (Hemlock Grove), John Rhys (Reign), Francis Melling (Wexford Plaza), Kamil Orzechowski (Warehouse 13).

Developed and produced by Smokebomb Entertainment, V Morgan Is Dead is produced by Davin Lengyel, Jay Bennett and Melanie Windle, and executive produced by Christina Jennings and Kaaren Whitney-Vernon. Filmed in Toronto in mid-October, the series was created by Sarah-Jane Sheppard, written by Sheppard and Mika Collins, and is directed by Zoe Robyn (Syfy’s HelixGator Farm, MsLabelled).

V Morgan Is Dead – 20 Episodes

V Morgan Is Dead Additional Content

Long Story, Short

Written and Directed by Katie Boland with Gail Harvey. Amongst some special known faces. This is following a page of Ms. Holland’s personal story and her trials and tribulations, plus the struggle of life and choices; as well as, alcohol and partying with things to affects of life evolved. This is what I can relate to life in real time.

Long Story Episodes

Sorry the episode links may not work. 

Go to YouTube and search: Kinda TV


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