Reasons to watch…

Wynonna Earp

  This show is one kick ass series where we are introduced to a heir of Wyatt Earp’s gun the ‘pacemaker’. She must send all the demons back to hell. She has to fight all the relevants to hell and keep her time to Purgatory after leaving it. She returns to the place where memories get stirred up and now has to destroy one relevants at a time. She has her calling answered with the help with a Agent Dolls comes in to destroy these hell suckers comissioned by a secret organization and the help with Purgatory’s mayor. 

We learn that with her powers of the Pacemaker we learn that Wynonna’s powers become a bit over bearing a bit and another Earp, her older sister has the same power as her. She however loses it and the gun is rightfully Wynonna’s. 

  Her younger sister Waverley Earp finds out that she may not be related but is accepted by Wynonna as her own baby sister. Something in the ends happens to her and that is where we leave season 1. 

  Waverley finds two relationships of interest, in my books she’s bi. She falls in love with Nicole Haught but the relationship at the beginning is such a tease and a bit amusing when things get serious later on. This spawns WayHaught throughout social media. These characters become a central interest as well.

We see also a short relationship between Doc Holiday and his back story with a intense but yet difficult status of Doc Holiday’s attraction with Wynonna. He later skips town and returns when he finds out another Earp has sold her soul to evil and to Bobo a evil relevant keeping other relevants on earth. This complicates the life balance between the Earp sisters and what will happen for season 2.

There are so many issues to deal with how this will play out of the relationship between the deceased Earp, Bobo, Wynonna & Waverley, Agent Dolls (who may be supernatural himself) spoiler alert and Doc Holliday. 

We will see what Emily Andras (Creator/writer of Lost Girl) has in writing store for Season 2! 

My rating for this series 9/10. 


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