The Emmy Awards

Now the science fiction is stoked about the awards tonight because well Game of Thrones is one of the highest award nominations in history and a long time coming for the science fiction history. Some may have been nominated in the past, but not like this.

   I am excited because as a long time fan personality I may be biased of my choice winner for a show. My choice for my favorite series is Orphan Black played by the talented Tatiana Maslany who plays multiple clones and that is a difficult job to do.

   In all honesty I know that there are other talented people in her category. I know they do amazingly in their singular roles but Tatiana does a wonderful phenomenal job playing multiple roles. 

In the history of being an avid TV watcher this year in the Emmy’s has proven that science fiction shows may have a future in drama categories taken over the nomination list of the genre slowly taking over the industry and the brilliant work on such projects for the future of sci-fi making a domination in drama categories for the future is exciting for the prospects of longevity of the chance that science fiction shows are our possible of The Emmy’s.

   This is the joyous fact that with a industry being in the past hypocritical of the sci-fi genre and non-white television. Every actor or actress who is pretty much not of a minority will keep trekking on and the future of fighting for dramas where we can be in equal of regular shows and regular based drama’s.

  I hope that the future is bright for all communities for geeks, different nationalities and no longer killing too many LGBTQ characters in television. We see that there has been shows that that have signed the petition, but there are some fail safe’s in regards to that. 

  Also with the changes of the society of all non-binary and LGBTQ society, we hope that after the Lexa pledge there will be minimal deaths of characters on TV.

  I too hope with the win of Ms. Maslany playing multiple clones in the Canadian landscape in American television and award shows we rise to the power of positivity and encouragement; rather than going backwards in the television landscape. I hope we can move forward and not backwards like I see currently see all format of socialism is taking a break.


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