Interview with… Angie Lopez 

Welcome to my interview sessions with many talented people in the arts and interviewers community locally and internationally. I am proud to interview Angie Lopez one of the star of All 4 One a web series to theatre work to some general questions. I am proud to have this opportunity to get a Q & A with her.

General questionnaires

Between your travels between B.C. and Toronto what is the favorite parts of being in two cities?

Both cities feel like home now but I think I will always crave nature. It feels weird not having the mountains to look at. I love to go for little forest runs or hikes from time to time. Not that you can’t do that in Toronto, you just have to travel a bit. That being said I do feel a bit like an outsider in Vancouver. I love the vibe and the people here. Everyone is working hard and doing their best. Creatively this city gives you so many opportunities.

 Do you have a preference?

I have moved around a little bit in my life. As things in me change and evolve I find myself getting itchy feet and wanting to have my surroundings reflect that. For the time being I feel like Toronto is where I need to be. I’m headed to Vancouver for a little over a week early next year. I’m excited to get to see my friends and family.

 Before you go through your audition process, how do you pick your movie or series roles?

 I feel flattered! I am very much at the beginning of my craft. The majority of the roles I audition for are organized through my agent. She and I work closely together to make sure we are on the same page when it comes to what roles I should go out for. If I am approached I usually try looking at the project as a whole and thinking about how it contributes to conversations at large. I really enjoy telling stories and think it’s important for us to continue to do so in a healthy way. Plays, tv, film, web is all a reflection of life and society. As individuals need to dream to finish processing the overwhelming amounts of information we encounter, It feel like society uses story telling to process all the tiny specific details in life that we might not be personally privy to. I think about what good or harm this role or project would do. I have been very fortunate to have met some talented movers and shakers in this industry, which means that collaborations are usually a treat for me. I can only recall a couple of times that I’ve had to pass a project along because I feared it would perpetuate harm or anger.

 If there is a role you haven’t gotten yet that you love to be part of? If so, what would it be and why?

 Oh well I feel like my “roles” bingo card is still pretty empty. In university I was always fighting to play male parts. Don’t get me wrong, classical female roles are just as complex but I really wanted to play Romeo, or Iago. I would love to get to do an action heavy role at some point. Nine-year-old Angie would think that was “the coolest,”

 If you were to guest star in any series, what would it be and why?

 Any show with minority representation ranks high for me, not to mention queer sci-fi. I would have loved to have worked on Carmilla, they had a wonderful team. How could I say no to lady kissing Vampires right? The Fosters and Orphan Black also would have been amazing to be on. Both shows aren’t afraid of shining a spotlight on marginalized stories. I guess that’s what it comes down to; I would love to work on shows that continue to push against existing notions by simply opening up the diversity and complexity of human experience.

 Do you have any role models?

In life I will always be grateful and humbled by the sacrifices my parents made to give my brothers and I the chances that we have had.

What is the most creative thing you did?

Oh man I have no idea but I will tell you the most creative thing someone I know did. My older brother, Luis, was taking care of my younger brother and I.  He had the dedication to hand draw, color and cut out over a hundred paper fish. These weren’t boring fish; I’m talking different salmon varieties with seasonal coloring and everything. When our parents went to work for the day we cleared our living room except for the couch and love seat, which we pushed together to make a canoe. He taped little metal washers to the mouths of the fish and then attached a magnet to a fishing rod. It was genius. We would cast out the magnet and reel in the fish as it caught the metal washer. We got to spend the day “out fishing”. 

What do you creatively want to do?

I’m happy as long as there is a project on the horizon. I think in a couple of decades I might want to collaborate in writing something for theatre. I have stories I want to tell. Its just going to take time to sift through them and simplify what I want to say.

Is there something personally or professionally, that you want to accomplish?

Gosh when I was fourteen my best friend and I challenged ourselves to having Oscars by the time we were thirty. To us that was plenty of time. The older I get the less it becomes about big external feats and more about attainable goals. I would love to do it all, to have a regular TV gig, do plays, make movies, to work in exciting and original web content but I think what the majority of artists are striving for is just a chance to dedicate themselves to their art form without having their vision limited by money. So professionally I just want to continue to work.


When you got your role in the series as Ariana, was there anything you did ritual wise to get into character or did the character feel natural to you?

Ariana came to me the same way she walks into any room, with a snarky remark. I had read for Dorothy and Alex and it was in my invitation for the callback that I was sent Ariana sides. Her humor fell right in line with mine. Any middle child will know the art of the well-timed retort. Once we got into the filming of it and I got into Arianas “look” it all seemed to click.

How was working with Claire as your co-actor?

Claire is great. She super generous and her emotional recall is amazing. It was easy working with Claire. We had lots of down time together since most of our scenes are with each other. I think it let us build a strong bond during production. A lot of what you see was just me reacting to Claire’s portrayal of Portia. Smart, funny and as adorable as that onsie. It was a breeze.

How was the whole experience playing a character in a web series compared to theatre plays? Are there any differences? What are they, if any?

Usually they are very different undertakings. With theatre the first thing you get to do is start the rehearsal process. You get to explore and push the boundaries of the work without an audience. It can feel a lot like athletic training. Once you get into performance, you tend to work through the play in order. You move through your characters narrative naturally.

With web series there might be a very condensed, maybe even just one day, rehearsal period or none at all. You basically have to make your choices before hand and then work with the director and your fellow actors there in front of the camera. You have to come in performance ready. Scenes are often shot out of order so certain narratives can slip up if you’re not diligent. Getting to do the live episode however was a perfect marriage of the two. We got to rehearse and work up to it. Our performances had to be tuned for the scope of the camera. The entire cast had previous theatre training, which made it easier for us to trust, and loose ourselves in the performance similarly to how you do in live theatre.

Theatre work

Is working in a theatre different from acting in it? (How was the experience in being part of the front of the house in B.C.?)

Apples and oranges. I enjoy both but there are so many hours and planning that goes into producing, building and executing a show. Acting is a such a small portion of that. I really do love to do both but have much more fun acting.

Is theatre in B.C. different from Toronto theatre, how and why?

Theatre tends to reflect the environment in which it resides. You have to take into consideration the histories and geographical privileges and limitations of both cities. Heck I’m sure people with a deeper academic understandings could discuss the identity of “Toronto Theatre” vs. ” Vancouver Theatre” vs. “Canadian theatre” for ages. I could not do it justice here. There are however a lot shows that tour and larger productions that are enjoyed regardless of where you are. The divide in Toronto and Vancouver of commercial theatre and independent theatre, would probably be easier to sum up.

Is there anything you’ve taken in your professional life and applied it to your personal life, what was it; and why?

I think this line of work has taught that stressing gets you nowhere. Everything is so unpredictable in this industry that they only thing you can do is keep working and striving to be better. Luck is just preparation meeting opportunity.


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