Interviews with…Nora McIellan

Recently I got to interview a actress who has roles both in Orphan Black and Killjoy’s. She also have many roles as well. 

I got the privilege to correspond with her recently and she answered my questions.

Questions for the blog:

How do you hope your character develops for the next season of the Killjoy’s?

What is your favorite show to view?

Is there a story or show wise you’d like to be in and why?

If there is a story that could be told about you, what would it be and why?

Is there anything that you’d feel that you’d like to accomplish?

is there a show that you like to join, or be a part of? What would it be and why?

What is the most diverse or interesting character you played and why?

Is there a story line show wise or series wise that you like to be in and why?

Is there a character that you had that challenged you to get into character in any series, movies or show you’d had to play and why?

Is there a role that you can invent whether it would be a movie, series or show character driven? What would it be and why?


 I hope that Bellus is included in the family that has formed with Pree and Alvis and also Pawter rip

My favorite show to view other than most anything hands down the Wire! David Simon is a genius.

A show I’d like to be a part of? That’s tricky…I was briefly on OB And Killjoys is right beside…but an Aaron Sorkin? Perfect!

Accomplish? Getting more roles for women of an age where their male counterparts are peaking! We women are as well!

Diverse character? I played in Jane Wagners Search for intelligent signs of life in the universe….at least 24 characters, and only one costume…written for Lily Tomlin…so…not for the faint hearted

Challenging character in the last few years? Playing Violet in August Osage County…that’s a trip

My own life has been astonishing!….really incredible great things and truly horrible…if you put it onstage or screen, no one would believe it!.


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