Interview with…Thom Allison

Good day everyone,

In this week’s interview I got the privilege to interview ome of Killjoy’s star actor Thom Allison who plays Pree for my blog. 

The interview is my second edition to interviewing Killjoy’s cast. I thank Mr. Allison and his Entertainment Publistist Ms. De Vera for making this possible and the picture to use for this blog

Interview Context

Interview for my Word Press Blog

Killjoys Questions:

 What is your hope for your character development in the next season of the show?

I would certainly love to see a bit of his past, not just as a warlord but other relationships as well.  It would be interesting to see any romantic links he may have had or may have…

If you could swap roles with any characters in the show, who would it be and why?Delle Sayah.  She is so fantastic and ruthless.

How did you feel about your character Pree being a bad ass on the series?

I loved it.  When I saw I was going to be shooting and stabbing people, I was so excited.

Was there anything preparation wise that you had to get into to character for learning that you were going to take on that role?

Not really. They handed me the gun and said go.  haha. I asked some basics about how to hold it and what to do but then, frighteningly, I seemed to know what to do.

Is there something that the writers or show creators of the series, that you want to do for your character? What would it be and why?

I would love for Pree to be a little more actively involved in helping the Killjoys.  Especially considering his past.  I guess what I mean is, I would love to see what other hidden talents Pree has.  I feel like he’s full of surprises.

Murdoch Mysteries

How was getting into the role of being a merchant on the series?

There wasn’t really that much to it.  It’s like when you playact as it kid. You imagine what the life is like, then when you get on set and see what your environment is, you imagine it’s all yours and start playing.

How was working with Yannick Bisson  and Helene Joy?

They were both lovely.  Yannick is very focussed and very friendly. Helene is so calm and warm.  And they were complete pros.  It was so easy to act with both of them.

Was it fun working on set or was it serious business on the show?

It’s interesting. It’s a show that has been running for a long time to there is a machine-like precision to it.  But everyone was so kind and welcoming so there is also great heart.

Do you hope to get more random roles on the show, if you could play a character here, who would it be and why?

I’d actually love to come back and play Oscar again.  I felt like I had a great energy with Helene and I think it would be fun if they had an ongoing friendship and he was helpful in solving the odd case.

Kim’s Convenience

How was working on set with the cast?

I had a great time working on Kim’s. I had known Ins Choi, the show’s creator, for awhile and he’s a pal.  And the cast and crew were so friendly and excited.  Of course, it was the first episode so everyone was very excited.  

Did it feel natural being as a cabaret singer and theatre actor to get into a trans role in heels and a wig? Are there any bloopers?

In my career, I’ve ended up in heels and a wig more often than I can count so it was no big deal.  In fact, I’ve played many role where heavy make-up is needed that that never phases me whether it’s a homeless man, the Emcee in Cabaret of Che Guevera.  There weren’t too many bloopers . . . thankfully for me..  LOL

Would you like to be on the series again as a different character or the same character?

Therese, my character, has gotten so much attention, it would be really fun to be on Therese again.  I’d love to be a regular.  Just popping in and out as one of the customers.  It would be fun to have to have her appear in drag and occasionally out of drag where Paul’s character doesn’t recognize her at first.

General Questionnaires

If there is a story that could be told about you, what would it be?

It wouldn’t actually be about me, it would be about my family. There is so much drama in the family history.  Intrigues, affairs, racial tensions.  It’s a whole miniseries.

Is there anything that you’d feel that you’d like to accomplish?

I’d love to host a reality show.  I was a judge on Over the Rainbow for CBC and I loved it. It was fun being me on TV.

Is there a series or show that you would like to be part of? What would it be and why?

Not a show or series but Food Network or Food Channel. I love cooking shows. I want to host one. I love cooking, baking in particular.  

Is there a character, that has been developed or not been developed that you’d like to create. Would you have a name for the series, what could it possibly be and why?

I don’t. TV and film is rather new for me.  I’ve mostly done stage work.

If you could bring to life any character in the theatre world or in the singing world that has not been told that you have been part of or not been part of, what would it be called? Would you want to be on stage or be backstage directing it?

I’ve gotten to play some great characters.  There isn’t anyone that comes to mind at the moment.  I’ve been enjoying the variety that keep coming my way.


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