Survival Tips For The Holiday Season: Shopping Shoppers Edition

So it’s the holiday season and you’re shopping. Here is some tips as a shopper.

Attention Shoppers

  • Be patient shopping !!!! I can’t re-irreriate that. Workers and cashier’s are busy. Lines and things ARE NOT going to go faster for you so if you are in a hurry, plan ahead and accordingly.
  • Where you shop is not your house or a mess place to feel obligated to be messy. Most of you are savages when you tear things apart. It may not be your obligation to may be clean there but be considerate to staff. There is so much they can do in one day. 
  • Be patient with staff and workers. We are not sorry you are stressed or having such a shitty day because you didn’t get what you needed, products are not just yours but other shopper present list to. Don’t take your stress or issues on staff, they have nothing to do with your problems or issues
  • Cutting the line or things you may forgot is NOT going to go faster for you because it’s a process. There are steps workers whether sales associates, managers and cashier’s have to do with policies. They can’t speed up the process for you cause you just want it to or want it your own way. There is a process and things can’t magically happen.
  • Try to budget. I know that is easier said than done, but try so you don’t fall into debt.
  • Shop earlier than Christmas, then shop later in the new year so you get your product you want or need. So you later don’t regret that you didn’t get it.
  • Try to come early and shop or save your items until the next day or you lose out.
  • Road rage is stupid. Parking may be difficult but fuck you and your angry attitude. 
  • Bring some snacks if you are in the mall. Stay hydrated and stay full.
  • Being angry is USELESS!!!!! What is the point?!?!?!
  • Your rage can translate to the staff because of your attitude is shitty. No wonder why staff doesn’t want to be around you because of your shitty behavior

    Now if you shop, behave accordingly or don’t shop at all or plan the list and cross it out as you go along.


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