The scent of you haunts me

Like the scent of you lingers in my

Memory, heart and in my soul.

I’d close my eyes and I have the thought

Of you running through my veins

I wake up and have my eyes opened wide

With the thought of your energy

Tingle through my arms, body, heart

And soul

I feel alive when I’m around you

Your energy livens my spirits up

And matches mine 

Instead of spreading

Only my energy onto others

You share my energy, spirit and soul.

I smile of the prospects of you

Totally understanding my curiosity

Of being energetic and

Appreciative of your human soul

Breaks into mine like wildfire

Lights me up

I feel like I need you more and more

I’m temp by your charm, spirit 

And energetic personality that 

Has caused a spark like I’ve never been 

Able to match until now

You make me feel alive and

Make me feel unpredictably hungry

That I want more and secretly want to

Kill my curiosity by feeling what 

You taste is truly like endlessly

I want to drive you and keep you 

There for many hours

Or even days by my side constantly.

Your excitement

Seduces of mischievous ways

And the mystery that lays inside

You internally and externally!


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