Battling the cold

All this week I have been battling with my voice cracking, my nose all clogged up and looking exhausted.

 I have been fighting it so I can make it out alive which I have been doing. I won’t let it get it the better of me. I have been working and trying to get rid of things although it hasn’t been easy to do so. I know I should be resting although feeling like utter crap internally. So all the other things have taken a back seat.

I finally have some Neo Citrian and some nasal congestion spray to help me out with this crappy weather change from cold to warm weather. My body can’t take it, but I am forcing it to. 

Regardless I will go to work and finish things finally throughout this week. Plus my blog from Tri-Con will be up as soon as I can sort things out. 

Here’s to hoping to get better in a hurry.


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