Con Season: Tri-Con Kitchener

Back in January I had the fortunate luck to cover Tri-Con a small comicon about a hour away outside from Toronto where communities are brought together to celebrate fandom on a intimate yet cool geek level. This con is small but brings people together. I saw some real awesome cosplays of family without the rush and bustle of the bigger cons I attend to. I was joined by my camera man Michael who took video of the everything.

The Con brought some aweawesomeness of community! 

As media I got to meet some real awesome vendors and cosplayers. Also meeting Tamsen and Thom from Killjoys was a extra super bonus. For now, there are these great pics. 

I have some footage, which I will share later on through YouTube and Instagram which will be linked in a later post.

I LOVE to thank Robyn Chung and everyone at Tri Con in Kitchener-Waterloo for my media passes. You guys and ladies rock!

Hope to see you next year Tri-Con.


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