Below Her Mouth Review


As an avid movie and entertainment watched I’ve seen my fair share of the entertainments take on love, sex and intimacy connections between characters and actors. Some feel like they are scripted to be in a way that the connections was supposed to happen like that. But I barely see where there is a connection by chance and pushing the boundaries that is a rarety to find in main stream media.
In my opinion this is one of those movies where I thought there may be the predictable characters could live with their choices on who they wanted or expected to be with. This movie is a real better take on LGBTQ entertainment story lines I’ve seen in a very long time portrayed in theaters, yet alone in the arts world.

I was taken back that where you thought of two characters love affair for a time would be just settle on a straight lady named Jasmine who is engaged to a man named Rile who takes care of finances monetary wise and leaves for a business meeting. 

Jasmine has a lot of spare time after her fiance leaves. She wakes up, gets her robe on and sees a roofer named Dallas working on the rooftop. I feel like she gets turned on and decides to take a bath. As her thought process goes through running water she takes her time getting into the tub. She feels sensual and decides to sit up in the tub and have her vagina pleasured under the water, we see her enjoyment of the feeling and pleasure. 

Throughout the story line we see the void of the characters love through their sex, love and intimacy connections that both Dallas and Jasmine both deal with.

From their first meeting in the bar and girl party. To their growth of their sexy love connection they have in this movie. You’d think that this story would be plutonic story line of predictability where the straight woman would go back to her male partner, she tries to make it work. 

Once she had sexy and foreplay time it became harder for her to have the feeling of a man fucking her. She kept wanting more pleasure from Dallas and the feelings could not stay away because of their connection, kissing, sex, foreplay and intimacy she has emotionally to her. Even when her fiancée catches her in the bathtub with Dallas having a strap on having anal sex. He looked shocked and displeased by his fiancée’s cheating, she runs after him and leaves Dallas in the bathtub with shock.

We learn that the ultimatum was a temporary break up for a bit with the love connection Jasmine shares with Riley and Dallas, there is some emotional brokenness of her really wanting what she wanted and making things work.

We learn that Jasmine is the emotional effect between Dallas and Riley but realizes in the end of the movie her true choice of love and not feel distant to just live in a straight relationship like other storylines and trying to make it work just because, this movie proves otherwise.

Sensation, love, connections, sex, foreplay, intimacy and relationship is always predictable of choice of how you deal with your love life. Also this story and movie displays of how your body in a physical and intimate sensations of what you are pleased with in every sense and what feels right.

This movie isn’t told that often of not just the LGBTQ but also the love relationships of who you Love. This is one movie and entertainment wise in my opinion doesn’t end with tragedy, predictability and common story lines of how it has been told relationship wise in previous storytelling that is constantly told.

To me this story line and telling defined what I expected of interconnectioness of relationship of intimacy, love, sex, emotional states more than I expected.
I rate this movie 9.5/10 because I would write a story line and story telling similar to this because this topic is something I would like to cover myself but minus the shock of a partner catching their significant other cheating of how you’d like to treat your body relationship, love, sex and intimacy connections.

Thank you Stephanie Fabrizi, Melissa Coghlan, Serendipity, Distant Horizon Films, Telefilm, April Mullen and the all female crew for bringing this to light.


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