How the expectations of doing more while making less. The benefits of it all.

So I have been told that my status of making no profit at all through my hobby could get me into trouble. Well, sure if you have a understanding and a dream. You can make it work. 

I have been negatively told repeatedly the answer is NO. You are never good enough, you are not qualified enough and so on. 

There are so many people that will directly tell you NO  without any consideration of a chance to give you the benefit of a doubt or believe in you with what you are doing. And well you are going to have to prove them wrong. Just push hard as much as you can.
It’s easier to just give up because others don’t believe in you. Even if you fail, you keep pushing and say to yourself YES  YOU CAN! Do it because anything is possible. Believe and hustle is the truth to set yourself for success even if you don’t see it. Believe that things are possible to fight for continuous and rejections come with the territory.
But that keeps you going. The fuel, the fight and determination that there are people who believe in your dreams, possiblities, and sometimes your marketability! Even if you are exhausted by the end of the day. You’ll have to win. Cause it’s only you that can believe in the possibilities of your future. No one else’s, yours and yours alone. 

Sure there are others who are close who care of your well being, but if you look closely they are the ones who are the naysayers of negative to keep you stuck in a loop.

Attempt but keep stability. 

Believe in what you are passionate about but keep the familiar around. Just in case that doesn’t go well, you need to stay around familiar territory.

Faulter because learning mistakes can help you figure out where you’d like to be and the faults can take shape into making you stronger.

Chase run those doors down in and around because one of those doors or opportunities could be the one thing that could be helpful in the very long run.

Drive and pursuing/persuits/persistence can and will pay off if you keep trying even if persecution will comes its way.

At the end of the day you know what works and doesn’t work in the Avenues you are searching for but will help to figure out who you are and who you want to be.
The truth is yourself is who you can please. Not others. Others come later when you reach that goal you’ve continuously been chasing it against sometimes against all odds.
The benefits of this all leads to a happier self and self-awreness of the person you are constantly progressing internally and externally.


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