Wynonna Earp Season 1: Purgatory 

Break Down

We meet the grand daughter of Wyatt Earp, Wynonna Earp when she comes back to town on a bus, which she gets off on and walks all the way back to Purgatory; after being sent away by committal after what the reveants did by taking the older Earp, Willa. She is persumed dead and Wynonna shoots her father with “peacemaker”. 

The Earp curse re-emerges after Wynonna returns when her uncle gets killed by something. Wynonna gets reunited with a trusted family friend Gus and reunited with her sister Waverly to discover that the Earp curse is alive and well. Waverly does research on the Earp curse that Wynonna uncovers while she is gone.

We learn that pacemaker or peacemaker can only be used by an Earp after Willa gets taken by the revenants and it is suddenly passed to Wynonna. Her first shots were a few misses as she practices with the gun at the Purgatory sign.

Later in the episode we see the reveants take Waverly to draw out Wynonna to bring peacemaker only to get shot by it.

We not only learn in this beginning episode Waverly can’t hold peacemaker because Wynonna is protective of the gun and doesn’t want her to hold it for safety reasons.

We also learn that not only taking Peacemaker out of the well brought back Doc Holliday out of the well.

Doc talks about a bit of the history of the gun where the graving of Wyatt Earp’s intials are to Wynonna but she doesn’t know that it is him, yet…

In the mean time throughout this story line of the Earp curse. A mysterious man by the name Agent Dolls who works for the Black Badge Division follows Wynonna and tracks these demons. He helps her out and recruits her for his special mysterious division as his deputy.

We learn Wynonna although gets into a whole lot of trouble it won’t be as much as in future episodes and we will learn what happens next.

From there the fun of chasing demons aka reveants and more to the storyline begins…

Until the next Episode….


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