Orphan Black: Season 1 (Breakdown)

Tatiana Maslany introduces us to 8 clones. We learn that all the clones are linked by their looks but their genes are seperated by science genes.

We learn that one clone Beth (a cop) kills herself by jumping in front of a train while wreckless Sarah who comes back from the UK takes over her identity and lives her life until she gets caught

We don’t know why Beth kills herself specifically but after Sarah takes over her identity we learn of 3 other clones Allison, Cosima and Helena. One is a soccer mom, the other is an a killer to kill the other clones.

We learn that another clone is a boss Rachel Duncan – the whole organization who wants to control them all and gets hella obsessed with Sarah.

We learn that Cosima the brilliant scientist is a lesbian to her mysterious but smart ass brilliant french monitor Delphine. We learn that Cosima is sick with what Katja and Jennifer Simmons had of a cancer like substance which has them coughing blood as one of their symptoms.
Then there is Allison, a drinking with pills but a soccer mom and lovely wife to Donnie Hendrix. Only to discover that she let her best friend die, does a play and continues to drink her stresses and anxiety away.

Trained Assassin Killer Helena – gets shot by her sister, survives, kills her birth mother by pretending to be Sarah. Gets taken care by religious and science fanatics. Loves food, can kick the shit out of you. Uses any weapon of choice.

Other Important Main Characters

Felix Dawkins- Foster Brother of Sarah Manning but gets to know of the clones. Artist. Uncle to Sarah’s Daughter. Gay man. Protector of The Clones. 

Mrs. S – Protector and Foster Mother to Sarah, Felix and legal guardian to Kira. Birdwatcher.

Kira – Sarah’s daughter who not only survives a hit and run when Helena takes her from Mrs. S house. Doctors are baffled by her having no major injuries. Has some weird powers of intuition and survival.

Detective Art Bell – finds out Sarah is a clone. Gets involved after finding out the truth of what really happened to his partner. Finds out more what he bargains for about the clones and the religious Protheans.

Detective Angelis – becomes nosey of what is happening with Detective Bell and tries to find out more about the clones. Only to be turned down and comes up with dead ends.

Donnie Hendrix-  husband to Allison, father of two adopted kids her monitor and reporter to Dr. Leekie. 

Paul Diedre – military man, working man to Dyad, pawn, protective of Sarah. Had sex with Sarah thinking it was Beth. Beth’s monitor and boyfriend.

Dr. Aldis Leekie – CEO of Dyad, mad genius scientist. Head of Neolution

Delphine Cormier – french seductress, brilliant scientist and researcher for Dyad. Plays both sides by working alongside with Cosima and the clones; as well as, to Dyad. Lover to Cosima. 

Oliver – monitor to Paul and informant to DYDY, Neolution and Dr. Leekie. Dies by Dr Leekies Disguised killers at the hospital.

Vic – Sarah’s ex boyfriend who has a problem with drugs and the law. Gets his hand chopped by Poncho for not having his money and gets nailed gun by Paul. 

Daniel – Rachel’s pawn. Pretend lawyer and cop. Chases the clones down and Sarah mostly. 

Season 1 ends with Sarah being arrested with her brother Felix only to be let go by Rachel a evil pro-clone bossy lady. Sarah loses her daughter in the wind with Mrs. S.


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