Reasons to: Earp it, Wynonna Earp It. 

The cast and characters.

Melanie Scofano as Wynonna Earp is one kick ass air to peace maker. She loses her powers when Willa comes back but with her turning evil and siding with the Revenants she gains the responsibility back. Oh did I say she is kick ass, awesome and sexy.

Dominic P.C. as Waverly Earp. As one cute to sexy lady and grown up lady who believed​ they loved Champ but really love Officer Haught and there became born WayHaught. She also learns that she may not be a Earp from Bobo and at the end she touches the black goop and shots are fired but don’t know who is injuried.

Tim Rozon as Doc Holliday got resurrected when Wynonna took peacemaker out of the well. He becomes Wynonna love interest and protector. 

Shamir Anderson as Agent Dolls. He is supernatural as well as a strong agent where he works with a secret agent Black Badge Division. He also hires Wynonna as a deputy. Also Waverly as a history consultant.

Katherine Barrell as Nicole Haught. A kick ass officer in Purgatory and love interest to Waverly and passionate individual. She is one sexy and awesome kick ass lady herself.

Purgatory and Revenants

They get stuck there and they have trouble leaving. With Bobo gone, where does that leave the other Revenants and the Witch stuck in salt, what’s next.

Emily Andras

Producer and writer of this show has brought this show based on Beau Ranch comics and the reality connection of Wyatt Earp and the Earps. Possible Earp curse and has brought a the birth to the WayHaught tag; as well as, the Earpers fan base. Plus Purgatory Podcast and other Podcast relating to the show. 

Earpers International Fan Base

They are worldwide and super excited and friendly compassionate fan base of modesty and great online people to know. 

Welcome to Purgatory and Earperville Everyone.

Watch Season 1 of Wynonna Earp can be seen on Netflix and individual episodes every Saturday on Space. 

New Season starts June 9th. 


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