Reasons to: Watch Below Her Mouth

The Actors/Actresses:

Erika Linder: the Swedish model for many modeling pictures she has been involved in makes her sexy debut and her love scenes are just as fantastic; as well as, her non sexy scenes as Dallas. Being the boss of the roofing company, meets Jasmine at a girl party.

Natalie Krill: From Orphan Black to Wynonna Earp we get to see this actress progress her roles of minor love making scenes and emotional feelings she shares to a full on love and naked scene of sexiness with Erika Linder, playing Jasmine who is engaged. Then falls in love with Dallas in the end.

Mayko Nguyen: To alot of Sci Fi roles I have seen her in this was very different for me to see her in a nudity role and her beads making a appearance of her love making scenes.

Tommie Amber Pirie: Her roles have expanded with various series I have seen her in her progression as the best friend makes it awesome to help out with the sexy friend scenes.

Elise Bauman: From Carmilla to Almost Adults we see her minor role being Amazing.

Sebastian Piggott: Jasmine’s finances who tries to get her back but loses her to Dallas in the end. 

The other Amazing sexy cast round out to the scenes of this movie.


Plays a vital role to the whole movie and the Amazing shots From Toronto Island to the bar to the alley ways to the homes and to the club. The scenery of all the shots are FANTASTIC!!!!


April Mullen, Stephanie Fabrizi, Melissa Coughlan made a daring movie that is rare with so much nudity in a theatre that rarely plays in distribution.

Thank you Serendipity and Distant Horizon Films! For making a upfront and bold lesbian movie with major distribution!


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