Views: Dream Sections 

Through this vision

I smell you, I feel you, I sense you

Like you are here.

You are fresh like you touch

Your skin, your hands where you 

Want it to be.

This dream sequence is where I 

Get to touch you back

With every sensation 

Like where the dream and reality 

Hits all at once

The feels, the texture of your body 

Next to mine

Is all I hear for the enjoyment

Of my soul and stress releasing

Like a cleansing of unexpectedness

I feel and hear the sound of your 

Pleasure running through 

Internally in my soul

And externally physically through my

Body like a temptation I can’t shake

I feel you breathing through me

And within me while our bodies

Intertwine the human kind of 

What can be given and taken

For a ride of joy, peace, pleasure and 

Silence occurs again through 

Every sense of the human experience 

One can feel.


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