Quick reviews on the go: Wynonna Earp 

Resons Why You Should Be Watching Season 2

  • Wynonna wants to break the family curse 
  • Doc, Wynonna, the new science guy and Waverly sign in fingerprint
  • WayHaught gets even more intense romantically and sexier
  • Doc and Wynonna shower scene
  • Dolls is a monster but doesn’t know exactly what he is
  • New disgusting monsters that would give you nightmares
  • Eggs that look like something out of Aliens or the Body Snatchers movies
  • Waverly weird possessed eyes
  • Waverly’s actual British accent. Side note: real and I think it is awesome. I am a witness to that in real life.
  • Wynonna turning her gun without dropping it
  • Wynonna being kick ass this season
  • Dolls on the run
  • The Black Badge Division having a new boss to over seed command Thank you Kevin Hanchard
  • New allies
  • New villians
  • Doc Holliday with no hat. He needs one soon, he’s odd without it.
  • WayHaught kisses
  • Officer Haughts new hair cut
  • A cult ?????
  • The return of Bobo Del Rey
  • Behind the scenes with the set that I witnessed courtesy of April Mullen
  • Wynonna and Waverly destroying monsters
  • Doc and Dolls bromance
  • Agent Luciado having to work with the Earps haha priceless
  • The Ghost River Triangle
  • Bobo Del Rey’s Revenants running lose
  • Do we get to see Willa???? Flashback anyone?
  • Peacemaker… Need I to say more

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