International Waves: Brazilian Coverage of Series Part 2: Malhação (Current Season)

I never had seen this series, but attempt to watch it if I can find it on my special . However this series has gotten my attention because some of the fans of this series has made it grown to something that Globo TV and this series has not tackled yet. LGBTQ topics and it has seem to get attention wise internationally from the many blogs that have covered the recent love and likes that is born out of Limantha. Samantha and Lica from the series is born.

I came across this through both twitter and a few blogs who have written about these two lovely young ladies through my phone and my attention. I thought it would be appropriate to cover this since it seems that a lot of blog sites and a few entertainment sites have covered Limantha because of the fans and its first official coverage on Portuguese television.

The love and the passion of the fans for Limantha were born. I know that it was a light story line of them being friends, but as the series progressed and we see how close they became through the series.

From the pictures and the post. I see the growth of these two characters and the love we connect. I believe the fans are also feeling the passion that is Limantha because they are young and experiencing a young connection character wise with more growth to develop more series wise.

You can feel that Limantha as growing as a hashtag and fan favorites have developed international sensation that has been a passionate labor of love. The fans have made this series a true international wave of attention. I can see why because this is something that Portugese/Brazilian series and webseries don’t do very often. The fans have carried this series to a international attention and sensation that will I believe have a lasting effect for many years to come. Especially with the gifs, hashtags and pictures that have developed on my pages courtesy of many fans who have a connection to other popular series called RED. 

I feel like the actresses that both play Lica and Samantha will have a longevity career wise because to me the similarity is just as similar to other (web) series here in Canada called Carmilla. I predict that the passion of Lica and Samantha on Malhação can grow more into maturity if the writers let them have it and the fans drive it completely further and deeper. We may see a maturity level that Limantha have now like the growth of Carmilla, and if the International scenes and fan media have their way. A true connection of some real love scenes (hopefully). I know this won’t be the last. I am very much looking forward to what will be more developed wise of this adorable cute couple.



International Waves : Brazilian Coverage of Series Part 1: RED WEBSERIES

International Waves: Series Insight REDWEBSERIES

It has caught my attention that Brazilian series have been making international waves here in North America and have been winning a few awards webseries wise; as well as, starting to catch the attention of a few online attention with a few websites and bloggers worldwide.

First of foremost, let’s talk about REDWEBSERIES.

This series had my attention through many gifs on lesbian Twitter pages and my woman friend who sent it to me. I had no idea where it originated from until one specific scene was sent to me by my woman friend, which in linked to the fan base Redlovers USFC. They had the Vimeo link and I instantly fell in love with it. I watched the series once without subtitles because I didn’t realize you could. I watched it again in one full day with subtitles and loved it even more. The characters I could relate to because I truly saw my situation of how these characters dealt with love, life and problems that arose. Plus, I have to say it gave a indepth analysis of possibilities how these two became to be with each other. I admit the lead actresses are very attractive and they grab your attention throughout the series. Makes you want to watch more of the development of where the series goes.

Needless to say the other castmates are also good looking which also helps the conversations and connections through each episodes and seasons. We understand the beginning of MeLiz and their stories of other characters Simone and Scarlet develops out of their characters into their real lives as individuals. It starts as a tease of possibilities into irrestibilities during Seasons 2 & 3 we see the development of how this stays sexy and love between and how their friends, a family member, loves, relationships become the storyline that Mel & Liz become the loves they were to be.

It becomes more than the passion that grows with each other but the development of how everything takes place storylines.

Shades of RED. Also on Vimeo gives a insight of their behind storyline which I will cover specifically later in a blog or vlog in-depth wise.

I have to say congratulations on REDWebseries for the winning New York Webfest as a series and Director Fernando Belo last year. To top that Luciana Bollina, REDWebseries, writers Germana Belo, Viv Schiller & the whole crew development of the series at RIO Webfest became a noticeable HUGE win. It doesn’t stop there.

This year this series has a spotlight to Clexacon and Hollywood Webfest as a selection to draw more fans.

Locally and Internationally drawn attention to bringing new fans to light. As well as a recent article on After Ellen gives reasons why you should tune in.

I agree with their article.

REDWebseries is an passionate story of connection, friendship, love and relationships develops of what you think you want to really what you want. What you look forward to.

Season 4 is a development of all the Series combined with the intertwine of the Shades of Red storyline.


You can also view Shades of Red which you have to purchase through this main REDWebseries link.

Red Webseries Review


Please be aware of you have not seen this series before watching this. I break down the story line in the three episodes aired. You’ve been warned not to read this unless you have seen the series already! However if you choose to read this then you do it on your own accord!!!!


I discovered this webseries through a friend who posted on my social media page. The video clip peaked my interest because of the scene and context of it. The scene is from Season 3 on the British couch that Mel and Liz make out on. That scene came from the Red Lovers UFC Twitter account.

Context review

We approach the first season as an adult approach of a on set connection that turns into a development of something irrestible yet complicated tease. The beginning storyline talks about love at first sight even if you belong to another, you can’t be helped by being drawn in by what Mel says to Liz and the way that Liz looks at Mel by the conversations they have. You can feel already an emotional attraction that grabs you in and does a pull tease effect. Liz has that effect that draws you in, and by the way she looks at Mel. You can feel there is an gradual tease without you being aggressive that you crave more. You can see Mel getting drawn in although she is bi, her thoughts are drawn in her connection with Liz. You get a sense she’s curious by it all. It feels like Mel is stuck in two different worlds trying to figure out where she’s happy in the end, but conflicted. You can feel it by her actions and reactions of her time with Liz.

By the end of Season One, there is a sense that this could be more development and attraction of love coming through Season Two.

In Season Two we see Mel and Liz’s relationship develops more physically and emotionally. It gets deep whenever they are near each other and despite their own personal difference and complications along the way, they endure it

We later learn on that Mel is pregnant with a child by her husband. She is challenged by her love for Liz. There are challenges by not telling her husband that she has made out with Liz multiple times.

Throughout this we see that Liz although makes out with other women in different episodes we see it feels loveless. We feel for her that she is now attracted to Mel. Liz’s lesbian friend says that Mel who is married to a man is a challenge and warns her that it may be difficult to keep her, but she tells her that she is up for the challenge. We see Liz teases Mel by the body postures, leans and states that we see Mel kiss her and reacts multiple times throughout the episodes and they both give into the seduction of attraction they connect and feel.

We can feel that Mel is reacting to Liz’s confidence. In all honesty who wouldn’t want to kiss and make out with someone who is confident like that. Seriously Liz is really good at the way she comes across to others but especially to Mel we see they both are challenged by the urges and tensions everytime they may be around each other or even far apart. It’s irrestible to stay away.

You know that their connections are true where they trade roles in one episode and it is too powerful to stay away from. Mel’s husband discovers closer to the end of the season by Liz’s ex when she sees her as they are walking.

When confronted by the relationship we see them argue and then silence throughout two episodes. When Mel gets a phone call she urgently leaves and a decision is made that she stays with Liz. Mel doesn’t return to her husband’s place and stays on with Liz at the end.

By Season Three, we see that Mel’s and Liz’s relationship grows more and more by having a place together. We see their emotional and physical experiences are constant. When we then get interrupted by her husband showing up at her door to see how the kid is doing. We see Liz exit.

We also see the return of Mel’s friend and husband in the scene. Mel kicks them out and difficult by pushing them out of the house when she finds out that she loses the baby. Now I am not sure if it’s because of how much physical activity she had with Liz. Who knows? However she tries to kick out Liz, she stays and lays with her in bed until she gets emotional distraught and finally pushes her out and away with the end scene Mel laying in her bed alone and Liz crying in tears walking back late to her apartment.

End Context

It feels like a cliffhanger of endless possibilities of how Season Three ended and makes us wonder what state of vulnerableness with that ending.

So many emotions makes us wonder what the next steps of Season Four which will be shown in 2018, hopefully they get answered?

Will their love will bring them back stronger both emotionally and physically. Will it be enough to hold on? What will happen with Mel’s relationships with everyone she connects with?

Will they fall apart? Will Liz be there more stronger to bring them back together to deal with Mel’s lonely emotional state to help her and will it be enough to comfort her like a partner will?

Until 2018 we won’t know until then…

Overall Personal Impressions

I give this webseries a 10/10. But if I could I’d give this webseries a 20/20.

The story line through the acting and written sense I love alot because it’s a relationship between two actresses and their vulnerabilities in the emotional and physical sense of attraction that connects them to one another. Also, how it addresses homosexuality and heterosexuality in a mature way of challenging a person’s love of who they choose to love. It’s a maturer aspect to be strong enough to stick around even through a tramatic and emotional breakdown like we see the characters experience.

Quick reviews on the go: Wynonna Earp 

Resons Why You Should Be Watching Season 2

  • Wynonna wants to break the family curse 
  • Doc, Wynonna, the new science guy and Waverly sign in fingerprint
  • WayHaught gets even more intense romantically and sexier
  • Doc and Wynonna shower scene
  • Dolls is a monster but doesn’t know exactly what he is
  • New disgusting monsters that would give you nightmares
  • Eggs that look like something out of Aliens or the Body Snatchers movies
  • Waverly weird possessed eyes
  • Waverly’s actual British accent. Side note: real and I think it is awesome. I am a witness to that in real life.
  • Wynonna turning her gun without dropping it
  • Wynonna being kick ass this season
  • Dolls on the run
  • The Black Badge Division having a new boss to over seed command Thank you Kevin Hanchard
  • New allies
  • New villians
  • Doc Holliday with no hat. He needs one soon, he’s odd without it.
  • WayHaught kisses
  • Officer Haughts new hair cut
  • A cult ?????
  • The return of Bobo Del Rey
  • Behind the scenes with the set that I witnessed courtesy of April Mullen
  • Wynonna and Waverly destroying monsters
  • Doc and Dolls bromance
  • Agent Luciado having to work with the Earps haha priceless
  • The Ghost River Triangle
  • Bobo Del Rey’s Revenants running lose
  • Do we get to see Willa???? Flashback anyone?
  • Peacemaker… Need I to say more

Views: Dream Sections 

Through this vision

I smell you, I feel you, I sense you

Like you are here.

You are fresh like you touch

Your skin, your hands where you 

Want it to be.

This dream sequence is where I 

Get to touch you back

With every sensation 

Like where the dream and reality 

Hits all at once

The feels, the texture of your body 

Next to mine

Is all I hear for the enjoyment

Of my soul and stress releasing

Like a cleansing of unexpectedness

I feel and hear the sound of your 

Pleasure running through 

Internally in my soul

And externally physically through my

Body like a temptation I can’t shake

I feel you breathing through me

And within me while our bodies

Intertwine the human kind of 

What can be given and taken

For a ride of joy, peace, pleasure and 

Silence occurs again through 

Every sense of the human experience 

One can feel.

Reasons to: Earp it, Wynonna Earp It. 

The cast and characters.

Melanie Scofano as Wynonna Earp is one kick ass air to peace maker. She loses her powers when Willa comes back but with her turning evil and siding with the Revenants she gains the responsibility back. Oh did I say she is kick ass, awesome and sexy.

Dominic P.C. as Waverly Earp. As one cute to sexy lady and grown up lady who believed​ they loved Champ but really love Officer Haught and there became born WayHaught. She also learns that she may not be a Earp from Bobo and at the end she touches the black goop and shots are fired but don’t know who is injuried.

Tim Rozon as Doc Holliday got resurrected when Wynonna took peacemaker out of the well. He becomes Wynonna love interest and protector. 

Shamir Anderson as Agent Dolls. He is supernatural as well as a strong agent where he works with a secret agent Black Badge Division. He also hires Wynonna as a deputy. Also Waverly as a history consultant.

Katherine Barrell as Nicole Haught. A kick ass officer in Purgatory and love interest to Waverly and passionate individual. She is one sexy and awesome kick ass lady herself.

Purgatory and Revenants

They get stuck there and they have trouble leaving. With Bobo gone, where does that leave the other Revenants and the Witch stuck in salt, what’s next.

Emily Andras

Producer and writer of this show has brought this show based on Beau Ranch comics and the reality connection of Wyatt Earp and the Earps. Possible Earp curse and has brought a the birth to the WayHaught tag; as well as, the Earpers fan base. Plus Purgatory Podcast and other Podcast relating to the show. 

Earpers International Fan Base

They are worldwide and super excited and friendly compassionate fan base of modesty and great online people to know. 

Welcome to Purgatory and Earperville Everyone.

Watch Season 1 of Wynonna Earp can be seen on Netflix and individual episodes every Saturday on Space. 

New Season starts June 9th.