Quick reviews on the go: Wynonna Earp 

Resons Why You Should Be Watching Season 2

  • Wynonna wants to break the family curse 
  • Doc, Wynonna, the new science guy and Waverly sign in fingerprint
  • WayHaught gets even more intense romantically and sexier
  • Doc and Wynonna shower scene
  • Dolls is a monster but doesn’t know exactly what he is
  • New disgusting monsters that would give you nightmares
  • Eggs that look like something out of Aliens or the Body Snatchers movies
  • Waverly weird possessed eyes
  • Waverly’s actual British accent. Side note: real and I think it is awesome. I am a witness to that in real life.
  • Wynonna turning her gun without dropping it
  • Wynonna being kick ass this season
  • Dolls on the run
  • The Black Badge Division having a new boss to over seed command Thank you Kevin Hanchard
  • New allies
  • New villians
  • Doc Holliday with no hat. He needs one soon, he’s odd without it.
  • WayHaught kisses
  • Officer Haughts new hair cut
  • A cult ?????
  • The return of Bobo Del Rey
  • Behind the scenes with the set that I witnessed courtesy of April Mullen
  • Wynonna and Waverly destroying monsters
  • Doc and Dolls bromance
  • Agent Luciado having to work with the Earps haha priceless
  • The Ghost River Triangle
  • Bobo Del Rey’s Revenants running lose
  • Do we get to see Willa???? Flashback anyone?
  • Peacemaker… Need I to say more

Views: Dream Sections 

Through this vision

I smell you, I feel you, I sense you

Like you are here.

You are fresh like you touch

Your skin, your hands where you 

Want it to be.

This dream sequence is where I 

Get to touch you back

With every sensation 

Like where the dream and reality 

Hits all at once

The feels, the texture of your body 

Next to mine

Is all I hear for the enjoyment

Of my soul and stress releasing

Like a cleansing of unexpectedness

I feel and hear the sound of your 

Pleasure running through 

Internally in my soul

And externally physically through my

Body like a temptation I can’t shake

I feel you breathing through me

And within me while our bodies

Intertwine the human kind of 

What can be given and taken

For a ride of joy, peace, pleasure and 

Silence occurs again through 

Every sense of the human experience 

One can feel.

Reasons to: Earp it, Wynonna Earp It. 

The cast and characters.

Melanie Scofano as Wynonna Earp is one kick ass air to peace maker. She loses her powers when Willa comes back but with her turning evil and siding with the Revenants she gains the responsibility back. Oh did I say she is kick ass, awesome and sexy.

Dominic P.C. as Waverly Earp. As one cute to sexy lady and grown up lady who believed​ they loved Champ but really love Officer Haught and there became born WayHaught. She also learns that she may not be a Earp from Bobo and at the end she touches the black goop and shots are fired but don’t know who is injuried.

Tim Rozon as Doc Holliday got resurrected when Wynonna took peacemaker out of the well. He becomes Wynonna love interest and protector. 

Shamir Anderson as Agent Dolls. He is supernatural as well as a strong agent where he works with a secret agent Black Badge Division. He also hires Wynonna as a deputy. Also Waverly as a history consultant.

Katherine Barrell as Nicole Haught. A kick ass officer in Purgatory and love interest to Waverly and passionate individual. She is one sexy and awesome kick ass lady herself.

Purgatory and Revenants

They get stuck there and they have trouble leaving. With Bobo gone, where does that leave the other Revenants and the Witch stuck in salt, what’s next.

Emily Andras

Producer and writer of this show has brought this show based on Beau Ranch comics and the reality connection of Wyatt Earp and the Earps. Possible Earp curse and has brought a the birth to the WayHaught tag; as well as, the Earpers fan base. Plus Purgatory Podcast and other Podcast relating to the show. 

Earpers International Fan Base

They are worldwide and super excited and friendly compassionate fan base of modesty and great online people to know. 

Welcome to Purgatory and Earperville Everyone.

Watch Season 1 of Wynonna Earp can be seen on Netflix and individual episodes every Saturday on Space. 

New Season starts June 9th. 

Reasons to: Watch Below Her Mouth

The Actors/Actresses:

Erika Linder: the Swedish model for many modeling pictures she has been involved in makes her sexy debut and her love scenes are just as fantastic; as well as, her non sexy scenes as Dallas. Being the boss of the roofing company, meets Jasmine at a girl party.

Natalie Krill: From Orphan Black to Wynonna Earp we get to see this actress progress her roles of minor love making scenes and emotional feelings she shares to a full on love and naked scene of sexiness with Erika Linder, playing Jasmine who is engaged. Then falls in love with Dallas in the end.

Mayko Nguyen: To alot of Sci Fi roles I have seen her in this was very different for me to see her in a nudity role and her beads making a appearance of her love making scenes.

Tommie Amber Pirie: Her roles have expanded with various series I have seen her in her progression as the best friend makes it awesome to help out with the sexy friend scenes.

Elise Bauman: From Carmilla to Almost Adults we see her minor role being Amazing.

Sebastian Piggott: Jasmine’s finances who tries to get her back but loses her to Dallas in the end. 

The other Amazing sexy cast round out to the scenes of this movie.


Plays a vital role to the whole movie and the Amazing shots From Toronto Island to the bar to the alley ways to the homes and to the club. The scenery of all the shots are FANTASTIC!!!!


April Mullen, Stephanie Fabrizi, Melissa Coughlan made a daring movie that is rare with so much nudity in a theatre that rarely plays in distribution.

Thank you Serendipity and Distant Horizon Films! For making a upfront and bold lesbian movie with major distribution!

Fan/Entertainment Branding

You might be wondering what kind of branding is that. It isn’t something you don’t hear of or aren’t familiar with. You are very much aware of Fashion and Foodie branders and bloggers. 

There are fans who brand the entertainment industry and support the shows and series they love, which causes the support of the cast, producers, crew and social media corresponders/correspondents. When this happens good things can occur when being part of a community of fans because you can interconnect connections and help you brand yourself to getting to know popular people in correlation to the series or productions related to the series behind the shows.

You make friends and connections like you never expected to happen and then you become an unexpected brand being interconnected with the industry. You never knew but it happenes. At first you don’t expect it but later on you learn to accept what is a hobby, becomes you and you develop long standing friendships with fellow fans and the related actors and actresses that are part of the series.

Then you become a real cool person to be want to be connected with others who can relate to. As the development occurs and they help brand you and then them and you connect with similarities of interest with everyone involved. You then realize you are a brand within the fan world and the entertainment industry in the long run and you earn and develop respect, then progress to being a blogger and writers.

Every one respects some one you can trust with someone who knows what they are doing and aware of understanding of everything related to the entertainment and artsy industry.

 You then grow and continuously​ learn as much as you can and be aware of. Then continuously progress and grow forth.

Orphan Black: Season 1 (Breakdown)

Tatiana Maslany introduces us to 8 clones. We learn that all the clones are linked by their looks but their genes are seperated by science genes.

We learn that one clone Beth (a cop) kills herself by jumping in front of a train while wreckless Sarah who comes back from the UK takes over her identity and lives her life until she gets caught

We don’t know why Beth kills herself specifically but after Sarah takes over her identity we learn of 3 other clones Allison, Cosima and Helena. One is a soccer mom, the other is an a killer to kill the other clones.

We learn that another clone is a boss Rachel Duncan – the whole organization who wants to control them all and gets hella obsessed with Sarah.

We learn that Cosima the brilliant scientist is a lesbian to her mysterious but smart ass brilliant french monitor Delphine. We learn that Cosima is sick with what Katja and Jennifer Simmons had of a cancer like substance which has them coughing blood as one of their symptoms.
Then there is Allison, a drinking with pills but a soccer mom and lovely wife to Donnie Hendrix. Only to discover that she let her best friend die, does a play and continues to drink her stresses and anxiety away.

Trained Assassin Killer Helena – gets shot by her sister, survives, kills her birth mother by pretending to be Sarah. Gets taken care by religious and science fanatics. Loves food, can kick the shit out of you. Uses any weapon of choice.

Other Important Main Characters

Felix Dawkins- Foster Brother of Sarah Manning but gets to know of the clones. Artist. Uncle to Sarah’s Daughter. Gay man. Protector of The Clones. 

Mrs. S – Protector and Foster Mother to Sarah, Felix and legal guardian to Kira. Birdwatcher.

Kira – Sarah’s daughter who not only survives a hit and run when Helena takes her from Mrs. S house. Doctors are baffled by her having no major injuries. Has some weird powers of intuition and survival.

Detective Art Bell – finds out Sarah is a clone. Gets involved after finding out the truth of what really happened to his partner. Finds out more what he bargains for about the clones and the religious Protheans.

Detective Angelis – becomes nosey of what is happening with Detective Bell and tries to find out more about the clones. Only to be turned down and comes up with dead ends.

Donnie Hendrix-  husband to Allison, father of two adopted kids her monitor and reporter to Dr. Leekie. 

Paul Diedre – military man, working man to Dyad, pawn, protective of Sarah. Had sex with Sarah thinking it was Beth. Beth’s monitor and boyfriend.

Dr. Aldis Leekie – CEO of Dyad, mad genius scientist. Head of Neolution

Delphine Cormier – french seductress, brilliant scientist and researcher for Dyad. Plays both sides by working alongside with Cosima and the clones; as well as, to Dyad. Lover to Cosima. 

Oliver – monitor to Paul and informant to DYDY, Neolution and Dr. Leekie. Dies by Dr Leekies Disguised killers at the hospital.

Vic – Sarah’s ex boyfriend who has a problem with drugs and the law. Gets his hand chopped by Poncho for not having his money and gets nailed gun by Paul. 

Daniel – Rachel’s pawn. Pretend lawyer and cop. Chases the clones down and Sarah mostly. 

Season 1 ends with Sarah being arrested with her brother Felix only to be let go by Rachel a evil pro-clone bossy lady. Sarah loses her daughter in the wind with Mrs. S.

Wynonna Earp Season 1: Purgatory 

Break Down

We meet the grand daughter of Wyatt Earp, Wynonna Earp when she comes back to town on a bus, which she gets off on and walks all the way back to Purgatory; after being sent away by committal after what the reveants did by taking the older Earp, Willa. She is persumed dead and Wynonna shoots her father with “peacemaker”. 

The Earp curse re-emerges after Wynonna returns when her uncle gets killed by something. Wynonna gets reunited with a trusted family friend Gus and reunited with her sister Waverly to discover that the Earp curse is alive and well. Waverly does research on the Earp curse that Wynonna uncovers while she is gone.

We learn that pacemaker or peacemaker can only be used by an Earp after Willa gets taken by the revenants and it is suddenly passed to Wynonna. Her first shots were a few misses as she practices with the gun at the Purgatory sign.

Later in the episode we see the reveants take Waverly to draw out Wynonna to bring peacemaker only to get shot by it.

We not only learn in this beginning episode Waverly can’t hold peacemaker because Wynonna is protective of the gun and doesn’t want her to hold it for safety reasons.

We also learn that not only taking Peacemaker out of the well brought back Doc Holliday out of the well.

Doc talks about a bit of the history of the gun where the graving of Wyatt Earp’s intials are to Wynonna but she doesn’t know that it is him, yet…

In the mean time throughout this story line of the Earp curse. A mysterious man by the name Agent Dolls who works for the Black Badge Division follows Wynonna and tracks these demons. He helps her out and recruits her for his special mysterious division as his deputy.

We learn Wynonna although gets into a whole lot of trouble it won’t be as much as in future episodes and we will learn what happens next.

From there the fun of chasing demons aka reveants and more to the storyline begins…

Until the next Episode….